Kathrine Switzer

We serve as the publicity team for gender equality icon, Kathrine Switzer.

In 1967 Kathrine Switzer made history as the first woman to run the Boston Marathon with a registered bib number. At the time, women weren’t allowed to run in the iconic race so Switzer registered under the moniker “K.V. Switzer” and received bib number 261. Two miles into the course, race director Jock Semple chased after her and attempted to eject her from the race. Switzer‘s college boyfriend shoulder-charged Semple while photographers captured the entire confrontation catapulting the 20-year-old Switzer onto the national stage and cementing her legacy as a champion for women’s rights.

Our team handled media relations on the 50th anniversary of her iconic run when she once again toed the line of the Boston Marathon crossing the finish line at the age of 70. Over a 3-week period, our team fielded over 500 regional, national, and international press inquiries.

During our time as Kathrine’s agents, we have overseen press activations with partners including adidas, Bose, Michelob Ultra, and Equinox.

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