Burrowes Brothers Bikes

We served as the public relations agency for the launch of Burrowes Brothers Bikes in Flatbush, Brooklyn. The shop is owned by brothers Jermaine, Paul, and Johann. The brothers have been staples in the Brooklyn business community. They first owned and operated a 200-car parking lot that was so successful it provided the upstart capital to launch additional ventures. In 2009, the brothers opened Mangoseed, the first dine-in restaurant in Prospect Lefferts Gardens and Flatbush, which they built from the ground up. In 2015, they expanded their restaurant portfolio and opened Zurilee, a wood-fired pizza restaurant and bourbon bar. The neo-Caribbean restaurants have a cult following with thousands of reviews. In addition to the family-operated entities, Jermaine is also the founder of production company Whole Picture Films.

Since 2004, the brothers have owned and raced for Team Burrowes Brothers Bikes (formerly WSU), a member of the United States Cycling Association (USCA). The team is one of the most diverse and decorated elite cycling teams in the Northeast. When the brothers founded the team they were self-taught, self-trained, and self-funded, using low-end equipment and handmade uniforms to compete in the predominantly white and wealthy sport. All three became decorated professional Cat 1 criterion cyclists. Jermaine remains one of the most decorated criterion racers in the Northeast winning over 150 races including being a 6-time champion of the Floyd Bennett Series. The brothers have focused on fostering equitable access to the sport by leveraging their resources and athletic prowess to train the next generation of professional cyclists with a team roster of 18 riders strong.

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