DraftWise is a secure end-to-end drafting and negotiation AI platform designed for transactional lawyers. It allows users to leverage client preferences embedded in their data to deliver flawless drafts every single time—within seconds.

DraftWise helps law firms produce higher quality contracts in less time by empowering every attorney with instant access to the firm’s collective knowledge.

Hyla Strategies wrote the copy based on high-level concepts from the DraftWise team and designed and built the website in Webflow.

Our Services

Design & Development
  • Website built on Webflow
  • Easy-to-use CMS
  • Website editing guide for easy client revisions
  • Conducted an internal survey of the DraftWise team to better understand the product and mission from each team member’s perspective
  • Created the go-to-market copy for the sales enablement team
  • Translated intricate AI technology into understandable language tailored for consumers